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RDR Dumpster Rental in Independence MO Policies and Service

When it comes to dumpster rental in Independence MO, there are different considerations for getting started. The first step is deciding which size dumpster to get. While it may seem a simple decision, for some people, deciding on which size dumpster they need can be quite challenging. Bottom line – you need to make sure you have enough space for all the debris you plan to get rid of, but first, you must understand what the different container sizes mean.

For instance, dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. Considering that there are 27 feet in one cubic yard, a 10-yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of 3 pickup truck loads. The 10-yard dumpster is most often used for smaller projects such as garage cleanouts, dirt and concrete removal, and other general household cleanouts. If you don’t have a lot of debris or the space to fit a large dumpster, a 10-yard dumpster is the best choice. A 20-yard dumpster can hold 20 cubic yards and is the most commonly rented dumpster, suitable for a wide variety of projects. It’s equivalent to 6 pickup truck loads of material, such as roofing and flooring jobs, home renovations, and large landscaping projects.

Next, you need to schedule your dumpster rental in Independence MO. RDR has provided a variety of disposal services, from a weekend DIY project to large-scale cleanouts! We are committed to meeting all our customers’ debris removal needs! Our dumpsters are easy to rent, easy to load, and hassle-free!

Getting going on your project means the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done. Start filling up your dumpster rental in Independence MO with all the allowable debris from your project. There are some restrictions as to what can and cannot be disposed of in your container.

· Tires

· Paint

· Gasoline/Flammable Liquids

· Asbestos Containing Material

· Concrete

· Shingles

· Animal Carcasses

On the last day of rental, we will pick up your container. In the event you need it picked up sooner, give us a quick call and we’ll pick it up promptly. It’s important to note that the load in your dumpster rental in Independence MO must be level, with no items extending over the top. The door must be able to close. For the safety of our driver ensure that no vehicles or debris be stacked against the dumpster. On the day of pick-up ensure that no vehicles are parked near the dumpster that inhibits our operator’s ability to load the container.

As always, we value our customers and look forward to providing the services you need.

Rothwell Dumpster Rental (816)-927-4208

Kansas City and Independence Missouri Roll Off Dumpster Rental Service

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