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Small Dumpster Rental Available for Your Home Remodel

A small dumpster rental is definitely needed if you are about to embark on a messy home project. You need to have a way to clean up as you go, otherwise, you could end up with junk all over your home and project area. These things could get in the way, slowing you down and creating a safety hazard all at once. Rothwell Dumpster Rental in Kansas City, MO has the best options around!

Utilizing a small dumpster rental will give you more flexibility and control. Our customers use our dumpsters for many different applications, anything from complete home remodels to disposing of used furniture. Our small dumpster rental sizes range from 12-yards to 20-yards, and our dumpsters are designed with low sidewalls for sideloading to benefit our customers for safety and convenience combined.

A small dumpster rental is a good idea when you have a couple days’ of work to complete - even up to a week. This allows you to accumulate over time instead of having to rush and getting rid of something you didn’t mean to in the whirlwind, or crowding things into a small space. We appreciate you giving us 2-3 days’ notice before dropping off as this allows us time to double check that we have the right size you will need to complete your home remodel and gives us a chance to inspect it for safety! Some home remodel ideas you might need a small dumpster rental for include:

· Kitchen Remodel: Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home improvement projects. Some items that are approved for dumpsters from a kitchen remodel would include things like – ovens, microwave, countertop, flooring, windows, lighting fixtures and more.

· Bathroom Remodel: Another common home project that involves a lot of debris and replacements. Some approved bathroom items would be - old sink basin, cabinet, brass/hardware, shower heads and fixtures, bathtub, floor tiles and general debris.

· Landscaping and Outdoor Cleanup: When you switch from indoor to outdoor projects, your needs will change. Now you are dealing with larger construction projects that definitely require a dumpster to handle the load. Some things that are dumpster approved for outdoor projects include - wood scraps and beams, yard clippings, shingles, cement chunks, and other various construction debris.

At Rothwell Dumpster Rental we have a small dumpster rental available to handle waste from almost any type of project. Importantly, our company will deliver the small dumpster rental right to your driveway for however many days you need it. We service the areas of Independence, Kansas City, Lees Summit, Blue Springs, Liberty, Raytown, Gladstone, Excelsior Springs, Sugar Creek. You can fill the dumpster with all the trash and debris that you need to throw away, and once it’s full, we will come pick it up! Call us today at (816) 927-4208 or use our online booking option!

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