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The Full Story


We are a dumpster rental business serving the Independence & surrounding areas! We have fresh new equipment and are eagar to service the community. We specialize in dumpster rentals but offer many other services to our customers!

Who We Are

We opened our doors in late 2020. We have over 10 years of commercial construction experience under our belt. This allows us to help better serve our customers. From weekend DIY to large scale commercial projects!

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Commitment To Quality

We strive to meet all your clean up and haul away needs! Our dumpsters are easy to rent, easy to load and hassle free! All of our dumpster are inspected weekly to ensure quality.

Our Equipment

Hooklift Trucks

We use swaploader hooklift systems on our trucks. This allows us to drop our dumpsters on a incline or a decline. This enables us to serve our customers with steep driveways! It also gives us the ability to place the dumpster in hard to get to spots. We can set or pick up a dumpster at a 45 degree angle, allowing flexibility for our customers. 


Tub-Style Dumpsters

The tub-style dumpsters offer a few different advantages as opposed to the box dumpsters. These dumpsters are lighter causing less chance of damaging a customers driveway. They also are tapered at the bottom to allow ease when dumping. They have wheels on the back and a set of rails that sit on the ground. The wheels are for picking up and dropping off in place and the rails rest on your driveway to ensure the container does not move while filling.

Where do we empty our dumpsters?

River Bend Recycling and Transfer

We take our garbage to a transfer station in River Bend Missouri. What is a transfer station you ask? A transfer station is a site that is designed to consolidate garbage to be taken to the landfill. We dump our dumpsters here and it gets loaded onto a larger truck and taken to the landfill.

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