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Small Dumpster Rental

What size dumpster do I need?

Our customers utilize our dumpsters for many different applications, anything from complete home remodels to disposing of used furniture. Our dumpster sizes range from 12 Yards to 20 Yards.


PRO TIP: A standard washing machine measures 1 cubic yard, this is a great tip for when assessing your project!

Work at your own pace!

Our flexible rental periods allow you to work at your own pace whether you chose either a 1-4 day rental or a 4-7 day rental.


Ask your booking agent for more options if these do not meet your needs. We strive to offer solutions for our customers.

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The Benefits of a Small Dumpster Rental

Are you ready to get rid of that clutter in your household?


Rothwell Dumpster Rental offers dumpsters of all sizes to meet your disposal needs. All of our dumpsters utilize a rear door for ease of access while loading debris.


Our small dumpster rental is designed with low side walls for side loading to benefit our customers for safety and convenience.

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